Rapidocs LawDraft


About Rapidocs LawDraft

What is Rapidocs LawDraft?

Rapidocs LawDraft is a web-based service from Epoq that allows the user to complete forms and draft complex legal documents quickly using a sophisticated online document automation tool. It is designed for use by solicitors and legal professionals and includes a growing library of trusted up-to-date content. Unlike other 'online' drafting systems, Rapidocs LawDraft allows the user to see the draft being assembled in real time in accordance with a client's circumstances. It also allows the download of the created draft to any word processor for final edits.

What forms and documents are available?

A comprehensive range of forms and document templates are available, covering the following areas of law.

  • Wills, POA and COP

  • Family law (Cohabitation agreements, prenuptial)
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Employment and Health & Safety
  • Business law

New content is constantly being developed and added to our libraries. In addition, existing content is continually amended to be current with the latest laws and regulations. Click here to see all available templates.

You can also see a list of recent updates to documents on the homepage.

How can I get full access to the Rapidocs LawDraft service?

To access our forms and document templates you will need to subscribe to one or more of the content libraries, which will allow unlimited use of all the templates in that library for the term of your subscription. The system is highly modular and designed so that firms of any size, only pay for the templates they need. The Forms & Draft services are available as standalone products, but can also be provided in conjunction with other Epoq products as part of a greater-value service offering. Call us on 0345 644 8988 to discuss your particular requirements.

How are the document drafts created?

The documents are created through the use of Rapidocs®, Epoq's intelligent document automation technology, which presents the user with an online questionnaire, the answers to which tailor the document to the client's circumstances. Each question is accompanied by explanatory notes designed to provide the user with the information needed to answer the question correctly, and further guidance is available in the accompanying comprehensive user notes.

What is Rapidocs®?

Rapidocs® is Epoq's proprietary document automation system which works via a online questionnaire. Based on the answers provided to these questions, the document is tailored to the relevant circumstances. Each document is exceptionally detailed, with all relevant legal clauses contained within it. The answers supplied in the questionnaire will automatically edit the document, adding or removing clauses as the question session continues. Some Rapidocs® templates can create thousands of possible combinations of clauses and information to create a truly bespoke first draft. This provides an enormous amount of flexibility, and allows for the creation of a vastly superior and more bespoke document than is possible with simple 'flat-form' precedent banks.

Subscribing to Rapidocs LawDraft

How do I subscribe to Rapidocs LawDraft?

Rapidocs LawDraft is provided as a subscription service with the fees determined by the number of document library users within the firm. Subscriptions are paid for monthly in advance by Direct Debit and once set-up, you will be sent an email with your membership code and an explanation of how to register and start using the service... Our sales and support teams are available to give you all the guidance you need.

Can I tailor a subscription to match my firm?

Yes... You can purchase a subscription that is tailored to the needs of your firm, so that you only pay for (and access) the forms and template libraries you require. In addition, you can control the level of access to the service within your firm and create a highly bespoke subscription where some users have access to some templates, and some to others - but never pay for more than you need.

Can I alter the terms of my subscription?

Yes, you can adjust the size and scope of your subscription by adding additional users or libraries at any time, and can similarly reduce the scope of your subscription after an initial fixed period.

Accessing Rapidocs LawDraft

Which web browser do I need?

The website is designed to work in all current versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Most other browsers/versions will work without problems, but are not explicitly supported. If you do experience any technical difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

How do I register to use the service?

Once you have subscribed to the service, you will be sent an email with your membership code. Simply click on the "Register" link on the top right of this website and enter your code to start using the service. We also offer membership codes on a trial basis - call us on 0345 644 8988 to find out more.

What is a membership code?

This code is provided to you when you subscribe to the service and is unique to your firm. Without this, you will not actually be able to make practical use of any of our templates for drafting purposes.

How will I be supplied my membership code?

Membership codes will be emailed to the person within the firm responsible for managing the Rapidocs LawDraft subscription. It is the responsibility of this person to distribute the codes to other agreed users within the firm as appropriate. Epoq is not able to provide membership codes to anyone other than those previously agreed in the terms of the subscription contract.

What does my membership code control?

Your membership code will determine which forms and template libraries your firm can access, and controls how many subscribers from your firm can use the system.

Using Rapidocs LawDraft

How do I start creating a new draft?

You can access the templates available to you from the 'Available templates' page once you are logged in. Simply click on a document template in this list to begin creating a new document draft based on this template.

I cannot find a template for the document I want to create?

Our legal content team is continually developing and adding new forms and document templates to our libraries. If a document you require is not available, please email our support team who will advise if there is an alternative that is suitable for you, or if there are plans to release an appropriate service in the near future.

Why doesn't the document open in my browser?

If this happens, please check you are using a supported browser and then call our technical support helpline on 0345 644 8988.

Where do I find documents that I have started/saved?

When logged in, click on the 'Document drafts' page. From this screen you are able to see any documents you have previously created or edited.

Can I create multiple versions of the same document?

Yes. You can create as many document drafts as you like from the templates available to you - as long as you maintain a valid subscription.

How do I print or download a document?

Once you have logged into the website, visit the 'Document Drafts' section of the website, and if the document is not immediately visible, then open the folder containing the document. Displayed on the right hand side will be all the documents contained within the folder you have opened. After expanding the document options, select 'Download'. This will open the document as a PDF file from which you can directly print a copy. Alternately you can choose to 'Download' the document either as a PDF or as an editable file that you can access in any word processor.

Why do I have a red asterisk next to a questions group after completing a document?

If you see a red asterisk next to a questions group while completing a Rapidocs document draft this indicates that a question within that section has not been answered.

Due to the nature of the drafting process, it could be possible that this was intentional and you have ignored this section/question on purpose because you intend to edit the downloaded draft later. However, you should double-click on the question group to view the incomplete question and make sure that this omission was intentional.

About the content libraries

How do I know the documents are of the required legal quality?

All of the document templates offered through Rapidocs LawDraft are created by our in-house team of experienced legal professionals, so that you can be certain that the forms and document templates are suitable for use in a legal environment.

How often do the document templates get updated?

Our content team have a watching brief to keep all of our content current within the law, and document maintenance forms a large part of their ongoing duties; any fresh or adjusted content is uploaded every 2 weeks. Every Rapidocs LawDraft subscriber has the option to receive an email at that interval outlining the changes most recently applied.

Can I add my own templates for use in my firm?

No. There is no mechanism within Rapidocs LawDraft for you to create new templates using the Rapidocs system, and upload it for use within your own firm. Epoq do have the technology to allow you to create a dedicated site using your own templates alongside our own, but this is not covered by the term of any subscription and such a solution would require additional tools, training and charges.

Will you be introducing any other new content?

Yes. We are constantly looking to improve both the depth and breadth of the content libraries we offer. New available templates will be announced in the content update emails sent to all subscribing firms.

Can I suggest a service or template for use in Rapidocs LawDraft?

Yes. We welcome all feedback on our content and are always looking for ways to add value to the Rapidocs LawDraft service. Please contact us with any suggestions for new templates - such feedback always helps us in prioritising our content development and highlights areas of the law for which we might next develop services.

Other information

Who is behind the Rapidocs LawDraft service?

Rapidocs LawDraft is owned and operated by Epoq Legal. Epoq has been at the forefront of document automation and online legal service delivery since 1998, and has won awards for our solutions in recognition of our continuing contribution to change. Recent demand from law firms has led us to evolve the range of products on offer, which assists firms in developing online delivery and reducing internal costs through our legal content and automation tools. These also provide their clients with a more convenient way to access the firm's services. Visit www.epoq.co.uk to find out more about us.

How is the service planned to expand in the future?

In addition to always improving and expanding our range of content, we have plans to start to offer more services for other jurisdictions (such as Scotland and Northern Ireland) and also to add further features and functionality to the Rapidocs LawDraft interface. If you have ideas or suggestions for how the our service could be improved, please feel free to contact us.

Can I offer a web-based service like this directly to clients?

Yes. Epoq's service will enable you offer online documents directly to your clients from your firm's website. To find out more, visit www.epoq.co.uk or call us on 0345 644 8988.