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LPA 120A - Application for exemption or remission of LPA or EPA application fees

Use this form to apply to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) to remove (an 'exemption') or reduce (a 'remission') the fee for registering a Lasting power of attorney or Enduring power of attorney. You can apply for an exemption if the donor receives means-tested benefits. You can apply for a remission if the donor's gross annual income is less than £12,000 or if they receive Universal Credit. You'll need to send the form to the OPG together with the power(s) of attorney you wish to register, the appropriate registration documents and evidence of your eligibility. Even if you're registering 2 powers of attorney at the same time, you only need 1 LPA 120A form. This form is only for use in England & Wales.

Compatible region(s)::
  • Version: 13079.1.4
  • Last updated: 17 Jul 2017