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Living Will (Scotland)

When you are ill, you can usually discuss treatment options with your doctor and then jointly reach a decision about your future care. However, you may be admitted to hospital when unconscious or unable, on a temporary or permanent basis, to make your own decisions about your treatment or communicate your wishes. It is possible to make an 'advance statement' of your wishes in relation to treatment for mental illness. If you subsequently became ill those treating you will have regard to it, but these wishes can be overruled where those determining your care are of the view that you are at risk and where grounds for compulsory treatment apply. It is also possible to prepare an 'advance directive' regarding medical treatment for other types of illness or disability, but at the moment in Scotland the position with respect to these is uncertain. While there is no guarantee that they would have effect, however they might be very persuasive and you may still want to make one to leave a record of your wishes to guide those deciding upon your care. This document is suitable for use in Scotland only.

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  • Last updated: 10 Nov 2020