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Form N5 - Claim for possession of property (rent arrears only)

Use this form to apply for a court order to get possession of a property within England or Wales. You can use it if you've given your tenants a valid 'section 8' notice (seeking possession due to rent arrears) and the tenants have either not left or still not paid the arrears by the deadline given in that notice.

You can only use it if you are a private landlord seeking possession against a tenant with an assured or assured shorthold tenancy agreement solely on the grounds of rent arrears. It should not be used for claims using the accelerated possession procedure.

Complete it together with Form N119. Once completed, both forms must be sent to the relevant court together with the appropriate court fee.

If you've been told that your tenants have been granted 'breathing space' under the debt respite scheme, you can't send either form during this period without first getting a court's permission.

Compatible region(s)::
  • Version: 12751.1.33
  • Last updated: 20 Apr 2022