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Coronavirus absence and notification policy

This policy enables you to communicate to your staff important information and procedures for COVID-related absences. In particular, it set outs procedures for the following situations:

  • Testing positive for COVID-19 or having symptoms
  • Living with someone who has symptoms or tests positive, or coming into close contact with someone who tests positive
  • Having contact with another staff member who has symptoms
  • Becoming aware that another staff member has tested positive or is showing symptoms
  • Isolating due to surgery or another hospital procedure
  • Travelling abroad.

It also gives information about:
  • How staff should inform you
  • Sick leave, sick pay and other related details
  • The consequences of breaching the policy.

Many of the events covered by the policy give you flexibility in deciding what (if any) action to take, allowing you to respond to particular circumstances in the right way.

This document was previously called Coronavirus sick leave and pay policy.

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  • Version: 13166.1.14
  • Last updated: 20 Apr 2022