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Zero-hours worker agreement

Employers should use this agreement when taking on new members of staff who will work on an 'as required' or 'zero-hours' basis. It should be used by employers who have a fluctuating need for staff or who want to give staff a flexible means of working.

This agreement has been drafted so that staff members are classed as 'workers' (rather than employees), meaning they'll have fewer employment rights and protections. A zero-hours worker is not guaranteed work by their employer and in this agreement the worker does not have to accept offers of work.

The agreement deals with the job description and other related matters such as working time, breaks, holiday entitlement, salary, sickness and confidentiality. There is also the option to include grievance and/or disciplinary procedures.

Compatible region(s)::
  • Version: 13087.1.13
  • Last updated: 19 Sep 2019