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Notice under section 13 of the Housing Act 1988

You can use this document to increase the rent for residential premises in England or Wales let under an assured tenancy (including an assured shorthold tenancy). It tells the tenant about the new rent and the date from which it will apply. This document is governed by the rules in section 13 of the Housing Act 1988.

You can only use it for assured tenancies that are periodic tenancies (contractual and statutory). You can't use it for assured agricultural occupancies or for fixed-term tenancies.

For contractual periodic tenancies, don't use it if there is a rent review or rent increase clause in the tenancy agreement, or some other agreement in place between the landlord and tenant for changing the rent.

For statutory periodic tenancies, don't use it if you also want to change other terms of the tenancy.

The document is unsuitable in the situation where there are multiple landlords and one of those landlords is a business.

If you can't use this notice, you may be able to use our document Agreement to increase rent, but only if the tenant agrees to the increase.

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  • Last updated: 23 May 2018