Rapidocs LawDraft

How to use - My Templates

The 'Start new document' page is where you can start to create new legal documents based on the legal templates you have access to. (It is the counterpart to the 'Document Drafts' page, where you manage any of the documents that you have started work on).

The full range of templates available for you to use is presented on the right hand side of the screen, arranged into libraries corresponding to legal areas, and within each library into further legal subtopics.

To select a template for use, either browse to it directly from the list in the right hand pane, or start to type the template name or a key part of its title into the search box on the left. This will cause the right hand display to update, and hide the templates that do not match your search criteria. You can use the tick boxes associated with legal libraries and legal subtopics to further restrict your search parameters to find the template you want. You will see that a 'count number' is displayed alongside each category showing the number of templates that match your search which will update as you further refine your search parameters.

When you are ready to begin a template, click the corresponding 'Start document' button to begin drafting. You can also click on the corresponding 'More info' link to see more information about that particular template.