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COP 7 - Objection to Court of Protection of LPA registration

You can use this form to object to the registration of a lasting power of attorney (LPA). You must be either an intended attorney or a named person (also known as 'person to be told' or 'person to notify') who has received a notice of intention to register an LPA (which will be either form LP3 or LPA 1). Your reason for objecting must be one of the 'prescribed objections', which will be listed in the notes of the LP3 or LPA 1. You must send this objection within 3 weeks of receiving the LP3 or LPA 1. You will also need to tell the Office of the Public Guardian about your objection, using form LPA 8.

Compatible region(s)::
  • Version: 12683.1.15
  • Last updated: 8 May 2018