Changes to existing documents

Assured shorthold tenancy agreement

The Occupiers section of the Tenant's covenants clause now clarifies that occupiers other than the tenant or their dependants can only occupy the property with the prior written consent of the landlord. Consequently the subclause regarding consent now states that consent won't be unreasonably withheld.

We've also updated the guidance regarding the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard, ahead of its enforcement in April.

Employment agreement
Employment statement
Executive director's service agreement
Fixed-term employment agreement
Job offer letter
Zero hours worker agreement

As the final pension automatic enrolment staging date passes this month, we've attempted to simplify the pension options in these documents. Each now simply asks if the employer intends to offer a pension scheme using contractual enrolment (with an explanation of what this means). Suitable clauses are included if the answer is Yes; if No, the agreement simply states that the employer will comply with their pension duties. This approach gives the employer more flexibility, rather than including details that are likely to change over time (e.g. contribution rates).

Employee handbook

We're continually looking for ways of streamlining this document. Consequently, we've removed the Pensions policy. The handbook is non-contractual; if contractual enrolment applies, it'll be covered in the employment contract. If automatic enrolment applies, the employer will have to separately provide information to each employee anyway.