New document available

Zero-hours worker agreement

We've drafted our agreement to try to ensure that it's used to fulfil a genuine 'zero-hours' situation, rather than simply side-stepping the obligations that come with more permanent types of contract. This means staff employed using our agreement should be classed as workers, and we offer advice in the guidance notes to help employers ensure that this remains the case by using the agreement properly.

Our agreement also deals with the job description and other related matters such as working time, breaks, holiday entitlement, salary, sickness and confidentiality. There are further options to include grievance and/or disciplinary procedures. It's suitable for use throughout the UK.

Changes to existing documents

COP 7 – Objection to Court of Protection about LPA registration
COP 8 – Application relating to EPA registration

Both documents now incorporate the latest available version of the form, following a recent minor update by the Court of Protection.

Enduring power of attorney (Northern Ireland)

We've updated the external links in the guidance following the Northern Ireland Court of Protection's move to transfer its information to the site.

Short term lease of commercial premises
Medium term lease of commercial premises with rent review

We've made minor changes to both documents following a routine review in relation to the law in Northern Ireland. We've also made some changes to the leases in preparation for the Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England & Wales) Regulations 2015.